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Dying Truth cover



(Detective Kim Stone crime thriller series Book 8)

How far would you go to protect your darkest secrets?

When teenager Sadie Winter jumps from the roof of her school, her death is ruled as suicide – a final devastating act from a troubled girl. But then the broken body of a young boy is discovered at the same school and it’s clear to Detective Kim Stone that these deaths are not tragic accidents.

As Kim and her team begin to unravel a dark web of secrets, one of the teachers could hold the key to the truth. Yet just as she is about to break her silence, she is found dead.

With more children’s lives at risk, Kim has to consider the unthinkable – whether a fellow pupil could be responsible for the murders. Investigating the psychology of children that kill brings the detective into contact with her former adversary, Dr Alex Thorne – the sociopath who has made it her life’s work to destroy Kim.

Desperate to catch the killer, Kim finds a link between the recent murders and an initiation prank that happened at the school decades earlier. But saving these innocent lives comes at a cost – and one of Kim’s own might pay the ultimate price.

The utterly addictive new crime thriller from the Number One bestselling author – you will be gripped until the final shocking twist.

My Review – 5 stars

Oh my gosh. I’m definitely not giving away any spoilers for this. You will need to read it yourself. Needless to say, I also need the #DyingTruthSupportGroup like a few others who’ve reviewed it.

The eighth in the D.I. Kim Stone series, continuing in the same way….brilliant and gripping.

I was hooked in from the start, there is just no let-up in the action. Yet again it was one of those books that I wanted to read at every opportunity.

Things have gone on behind the walls of Heathcrest, an elite school for the children of the rich and influential and also for the talented kids of the ‘normal’ people. Kim and her team try to get to the bottom of the tangled web of information they have.

I love Kim’s working relationship with Bryant, he knows her so well. Stace was mostly back to her usual role of being attached to a desktop pc, working her magic getting information from people’s phones and computers. Dawson was being his usual inquisitive self and going on his Stone-like instinct.

I think the story was excellent, and I never guessed how it would go. Reading an Angie Marsons book I find out so many things. I feel like I learn something new with every book. This time it was secret societies.

There was one particular chapter where I was totally shocked, I may have shed a tear and I definitely shouted out loud! This one will stay with me for a long time.

I recommend this book 100%, and all the others in the series.

Angie Marsons is definitely one of my favourite authors, I think the books are just fantastic.

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the review copy in which I give my honest review.

Publication Date 18th May 2018

Get your copy here from Amazon

UK 🇬🇧 Dying Truth


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LunaBoo 1

I had the pleasure of picking up my first LunaBoo bag yesterday. Having a bag where you get to choose the fabrics is a real treat. It’s my first, but definitely not the last, don’t tell the husband! 🙂

Jo Simcock who makes them is local to me so I collected mine, but she posts out, including overseas.

Payment is by PayPal so it couldn’t be easier. Check out her social media for styles and very reasonable prices.

You can find LunaBoo on social media via the following links:-

LunaBoo on Facebook

LunaBoo on Instagram

A few more pictures of my bag. I can’t wait to show it off.

Those Other Women by Nicola Moriarty #bookreview @NikkiM3 @PenguinUKBooks

Those Other Women cover


From the author of The Fifth Letter comes a controversial and darkly comic story about the frustrations of being a childless woman in the modern baby-obsessed world . . .

Poppy’s world has been tipped sideways: the husband who never wanted children has betrayed her with her broody best friend.

At least Annalise is on her side. Her new friend is determined to celebrate their freedom from kids, so together they create a Facebook group to meet up with like-minded women, and perhaps vent just a little about smug mummies’ privileges at work.

Meanwhile their colleague Frankie would love a night out, away from her darlings – she’s not had one this decade and she’s heartily sick of being judged by women at the office as well as stay-at-home mums.

Then Poppy and Annalise’s group takes on a life of its own and frustrated members start confronting mums like Frankie in the real world. Cafés become battlegrounds, playgrounds become warzones and offices have never been so divided.

A rivalry that was once harmless fun is spiralling out of control.

Because one of their members is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And she has an agenda of her own…

From the author of the eBook sensation The Fifth Letter comes another darkly comic, controversial and compulsive read that you’re going to want to talk about with everyone you know.

My Thoughts

A great modern story highlighting the good and bad sides of social media. I can see both sides of the story having thought I didn’t want children, then changing how I felt at 32 years old.

Poppy never thought she wanted to be a mother – until her husband got her best friend pregnant. Now everywhere she goes mothers are reminding her of his betrayal . . .

She hears about a local Facebook group for mothers, called MOP. It’s for mothers only, and has info about all sorts of thing maternal plus other things too like child-friendly places. She’s annoyed that mothers get away with leaving work early and nipping off for school functions amongst other things. So Poppy creates an innocent Facebook group, called NOP, to have a moan about the mummies. And to check out places where children don’t go!! Except those ‘other women’ are already sick of being judged by non-mums and stay-at-home mums alike. Two can play at Poppy’s game. One of the NOP members is a double agent, also a mother and member of MOP. Which is when the anger spills into the real world. There is a lot of fall out, and arguments between mums and non-mums….confrontations in cafes and hair salons.

The story is told from the point of view of Poppy and Annalise. It’s a really well told story and I liked the characters. There were lots of touching moments and lots of fun too. It also highlights some of the problems with dementia.

I liked the ladies football team, makes a nice change. And the parts set in Poppy and Annalise’s workplace I found really interesting.

An enjoyable read and I’d definitely recommend it. Very relatable.

Thanks to Sam Deacon at Penguin Random House UK, Penguin UK – Michael Joseph and NetGalley for the review copy, in which I give my honest opinion

Publication date 3rd May 2018

Get your copy here:-

Amazon UK Those Other Women

Cover reveal for Hush Hush by Mel Sherratt @writermels @AvonBooksUK #HushHush #Stoke #Staffordshire #TeamSherratt

Hush Hush cover

Look at this beaut by Mel Sherratt. I’m a massive fan and I can’t wait to read this!


A gripping new series from million-copy bestseller Mel Sherratt.

A killer is on the loose, attacking people in places they feel most safe: their workplaces, their homes. It’s up to DS Grace Allendale to stop the murders, and prove herself to her new team.

All clues lead to local crime family the Steeles, but that’s where things get complicated. Because the Steeles aren’t just any family, they’re Grace’s family. Two brothers and two sisters, connected by the violent father only Grace and her mother escaped.

To catch the killer, Grace will have to choose between her team and her blood. But who do you trust, when both sides are out to get you?

An unforgettable thriller that fans of MARTINA COLE and CARA HUNTER won’t be able to put down.

Publication Date 18th October 2018

Pre-order your copy from Amazon UK here Hush Hush by Mel Sherratt

Mel picture from Amazon

About the author: Mel Sherratt novels take you to the heart of the crime. She writes psychological suspense, police procedurals and crime dramas – fiction with a punch. Shortlisted for the CWA (Crime Writer’s Association) Dagger in the Library Award 2014, she finds inspiration from authors such as Martina Cole, Lynda la Plante, Mandasue Heller and Elizabeth Haynes. Since 2012, she’s sold over one million books. All eleven of her crime novels have been bestsellers, each one climbing into the kindle UK top 10 and several number ones. She’s also had numerous Kindle All-star awards, for best read author and best titles.

Mel lives in Stoke-on-Trent, with her husband and terrier, Dexter, named after the TV serial killer, and makes liberal use of her hometown as a backdrop for some of her books.

Contact Mel: http://www.melsherratt.co.uk or Twitter at @writermels

Desperately Seeking Summer by @mandybaggot @EburyPublishing #beach #Greece #bookreview #5*

Desperately Seeking Summer cover


Escape to Greece with the perfect feel-good romantic comedy to read on the beach this summer

Abby Dolan is having a very bad day…

In twenty-four hours, she’s lost her job and her boyfriend. Single and with nothing left to lose, she’s headed for a Corfu escape to spend time with her family while she heals her broken heart.

Only her mum and sister’s estate agency ‘Desperately Seeking’ is just that, desperate! Instead of the relaxing, sunshine holiday she’d hoped for, Abby finds herself spending her break helping get the business back on its feet. Determined to attract new clients and give her family a second chance at success, she finds the perfect property to sell in Villa Pappas complete with gorgeous gardener, Theo.

Perhaps working this summer could be a welcome distraction after all. But Theo has his own secrets and Abby isn’t the only thing he wants to take off the market…

My Review – I loved it!

This is one of those books that gave me a reading high, then a real book hangover when I’d finished it. I was craving for more!

Mandy Baggot is the queen of the summer escape.

I absolutely fell in love with this fab book, the characters, and with Corfu itself. It was lovely to escape in my head to Corfu for some sun, and what a fabulous time I had.

I lost myself in the gorgeous Corfu sunshine, and some gorgeous company too….

I liked Abby instantly, with her lists. Her sister Melody was an outrageous flirt, and her widowed mum, Jackie, seemed like she’d lost her sparkle. Spyridoula was a typical strong Greek lady, a great character who I enjoyed getting to know.

Onto the men-folk. Leon the taxi driver, best friend of Theo, a swoon-worthy Greek god. I liked Stamatis and could imagine and smell his woodworking shack! George from the taverna had some hidden talents too, especially at the estate agency relaunch party with his bouzouki. The author’s description of Theo and Leon’s dance blew me away! *fans self*

You can tell Mandy Baggot is smitten with the place, she writes about it with such love.

The thing with me and Mandy Baggot books is that I never forget them, they seem like a real memory and I find myself reminiscing about past summers and Christmasses! I know, I’m weird!

Thanks to Mandy Baggot, Penguin Random House UK, Ebury Publishing and NetGalley for the early review copy in which I give my honest opinion.

Publication date 1st May 2018

Amazon UK link Desperately Seeking Summer

Blog name change to StefLoz Book Blog. @stefloz

cropped-book-748904_1280Hi everyone. I’ve decided on a subtle change on my blog name. I will now be known as StefLoz Book Blog.

It was always StefLoz Book Reviews but my wordpress started as steflozbookblog so I’ve decided to match them up.

There are other ‘Stephs’ and ‘Stefs’ out there and the has been some confusion in the past. My Twitter has always been @stefloz too so it makes sense to change. I’ve changed my Facebook page to StefLoz Book Blog too.

I’ve kept my orange heart book picture as that has been with me since the beginning.

Happy reading everyone, Steph x

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5* review for Deadly Secrets by Robert Bryndza @RobertBryndza @bookouture #PublicationDayBlast #BlogBlast #DeadlySecrets

6 Deadly Secrets - Blog Blitz

13th April 2018 – Publication Day Blast

I’m thrilled to be taking part in the Publication Day Blast for Deadly Secrets by Robert Bryndza.

My Review – 5 big stars!

Oh. My. Gosh!

They just keep getting better.

I couldn’t wait to get started with this one. What a great plot. Robert Bryndza has the ability to hook me in straight away. Right from Marissa getting off the train I was hooked, and the tension was there as you felt her being followed. I read it in a couple of days, which is fast for me.

On to Erika Foster. I love this woman! She is a great, ballsy and smart character. I feel I get to know her more with each book, little snippets that you find out. Her father-in-law is a lovely old guy and it was nice to be reacquainted with him. It was also good to see Peterson back at work, and Moss had a big part in this one too.

A brilliant story, gripping and thrilling. Some unexpected twists and turns that made for an unputdownable book. I just couldn’t stop reading, it’s packed with action and is very believable. I feel like it’s something you’d see in the news, one of those horrible things that shocks the nation. That gas mask had me really creeped out.

I’ve recommended Robert Bryndza’s books to people all over the world. Everyone loves them, he’s a global superstar!!

If you’ve never read any books by Robert Bryndza….why not?!

Start now! Start with the ‘Girl in the Ice’…go on, do it, do it now!! 

Here’s the Amazon link The Girl in the Ice

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the review copy in which I give my honest opinion.

About the book

6 Deadly-Secrets-Kindle coverTo commit the perfect murder, you need the perfect cover.

On an icy morning, a mother wakes to find her daughter’s blood-soaked body frozen to the road. Who would carry out such a killing on the victim’s doorstep?

Straight off her last harrowing case, Detective Erika Foster is feeling fragile but determined to lead the investigation. As she sets to work, she finds reports of assaults in the same quiet South London suburb where the woman was killed. One chilling detail links them to the murder victim – they were all attacked by a figure in black wearing a gas mask.

Erika is on the hunt for a killer with a terrifying calling card. The case gets more complicated when she uncovers a tangled web of secrets surrounding the death of the beautiful young woman.

Yet just as Erika begins to piece the clues together, she is forced to confront painful memories of her past. Erika must dig deep, stay focused and find the killer. Only this time, one of her own is in terrible danger…

From the global million-copy bestselling author comes a totally heart-racing, hold-your-breath read that will keep you hooked until the very last page.

Get your copy of Deadly Secrets on the links below:-

Amazon UK  amazon.co.uk/Deadly-Secrets
Amazon US  amazon.com/Deadly-Secrets

Apple itunes.apple.com/us/book/deadly-secrets

Meet the Author Robert Bryndza Author Pic 2018 credited to Petr Kozlík MAFRA

Robert Bryndza is the author of the international #1 bestseller The Girl in the Ice, which is the first in his Detective Erika Foster series.

The Night Stalker, Dark Water, Last Breath and Cold Blood are the second, third, fourth and fifth books in the series. The sixth book, Deadly Secrets is now available to purchase.

Robert’s books have sold over 2 million copies and have been translated into 27 languages.

In addition to writing crime fiction, Robert has published a bestselling series of romantic comedy novels. He is British and lives in Slovakia.

Sign up to Robert Bryndza‘s New Release Mailing List here: http://eepurl.com/UITxz

Author Social Media Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bryndzarobert/?ref=br_rs

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RobertBryndza

Website: https://robertbryndza.com/

Instagram: @RobertBryndza