All About Me

Welcome to StefLoz Book Reviews.

I am still reviewing the books I read on here and on Amazon and Goodreads, but smaller reviews. I have so many old books on my Kindle that need to be read. I will still be catching up on the latest books from my favourite authors. I sometimes find the social media side overwhelming, and my Twitter feed is far too full of books. I need to step back from it all slightly and just enjoy the reading whilst still supporting the authors with reviews xx

I’m Steph Lawrence and live in Stoke-on-Trent.

I’m 51, a full-time working wife, mother to a teenage son and a dogmum to my Cairn Terrier, so my life is pretty busy.

For my sins I’m also a Port Vale season ticket holder. Saturday afternoons are always taken up with football during the season. My first date with my husband was to watch the Vale!

I love books. I love reading and always like to have my kindle close by.

I’ve posted reviews on Amazon UK and I joined NetGalley in 2015. Joining NetGalley means I get to read and review books before they are published, which I find a real honour. I love the buzz around publication days, and joining in on social media is such fun.

I decided to add a book blog where I will post regular reviews of books I’ve read.

I’ve always read chick lit and popular fiction.

I’ve started to read a lot of crime fiction too. And psychological thrillers!

I will try most topics, as long as it keeps me interested.

I try to find time to read and review books, although I would love to have all the time in the world to do this I am unable to read as much as I would like. I read for enjoyment, and won’t feel pressured into reading quickly for the sake of reviewing. I always meet the publication date though, as my TBR pile is never very big. I tend to read about 4 books per month, so not prolific compared to most bloggers!

The blogging/reviewing community is so welcoming and friendly. Such a lovely bunch.

I would love to sit at home all day with a mug of tea and a cake, but that’s just never going to happen!!

(Authors…please don’t leave links to your books in the comments, I am not a free marketing service, and this page is ‘all about me’. If I read your book and like it I will be giving a good review anyway 🙂 )

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