All About Me

Welcome to StefLoz Book Reviews.

I’m Steph Lawrence and live in Stoke-on-Trent.

I’m 51, a full-time working wife, mother to a teenage son and a dogmum to my Cairn Terrier, so my life is pretty busy.

For my sins I’m also a Port Vale season ticket holder. Saturday afternoons are always taken up with football during the season. My first date with my husband was to watch the Vale!

I love books. I love reading and always like to have my kindle close by.

I’ve posted reviews on Amazon UK and I joined NetGalley in 2015. Joining NetGalley means I get to read and review books before they are published, which I find a real honour. I love the buzz around publication days, and joining in on social media is such fun.

I decided to add a book blog where I will post regular reviews of books I’ve read.

I’ve always read chick lit and popular fiction.

I’ve started to read a lot of crime fiction too. And psychological thrillers!

I will try most topics, as long as it keeps me interested.

I try to find time to read and review books, although I would love to have all the time in the world to do this I am unable to read as much as I would like. I read for enjoyment, and won’t feel pressured into reading quickly for the sake of reviewing. I always meet the publication date though, as my TBR pile is never very big. I tend to read about 4 books per month, so not prolific compared to most bloggers!

The blogging/reviewing community is so welcoming and friendly. Such a lovely bunch.

I would love to sit at home all day with a mug of tea and a cake, but that’s just never going to happen!!

(Authors…please don’t leave links to your books in the comments on this page, this page is ‘all about me’. If I do read your book and like it I will be giving a good review anyway )


One thought on “All About Me

  1. Dear Steph,

    Hi. My name is Henry. I work for Crime Wave Press, an independent publisher of crime fiction.

    I recently found you on Twitter. From there I discovered your website (very pro) and hoped to interest you in joining the Crime Wave Press review team.

    Reviewers can get free copies (mobi or pdf) of our titles, and we will contact you to offer new releases when they become available.

    Would you like to review one of these new releases?

    Fancy a Tarantino-esque romp through America’s criminal underbelly by a Hollywood screenwriter? Then check out Riding Shotgun & Other American Cruelties by Andy Rausch. This is what Peter Leonard (author of Voices of the Dead) had to say about Andy’s writing:

    “Andy Rausch has written a tight, taut crime thriller that’ll have you on the edge of your seat. I can see my father’s [novelist Elmore Leonard] influence in his prose.”

    Tony Knighton has come up with a worthy successor to his gripping short story collection Happy Hour. Tony’s debut novel Three Hours Past Midnight is a tour de force of storytelling, brutal action and high wire emotions.

    “With a classic heist goes wrong set up, Tony Knighton takes us on a violent, danger-strewn tour through the night time streets of Philadelphia. Everyone has an angle, no one gives an inch. Fans of David Goodis and Richard Stark should love this one.”
    — Scott Adlerberg, author of Graveyard Love”

    If you’d like to review any of our titles we will be pleased to send you the relevant file(s).


    PR Manager @crimewavepress


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