My Top Ten Authors of 2015

These are not in any order (well….Mel Sherratt/Marcie Steele are at the top being fellow Stokies!)

Mel Sherratt

I love the DS Allie Shenton series of books. Being set in my home city of Stoke-on-Trent I recognise lots of locations. I even feel wary walking past Central Forest Park in case there is a litter bin with a letter stuck underneath it! So I was very happy with ‘Follow the Leader’ (Book 2) and ‘Only the Brave’ (Book 3) being released. Great stories!

Also released was ‘Written in the Scars’, Book 4 in The Estate Series. It’s so well written, likeable characters. I felt like I knew them right from the start. Another great series of books.

Marcie Steele

This is Mel Sherratt’s alter-ego as a chick-lit author. Unsurprisingly I also love these books.

I’m definitely on her wavelength.

Firstly there was ‘Stirred With Love’, A really enjoyable read. The main characters were very easy to relate to. And the way their friendship developed was nice. I like the writing style and it will suit readers of all age groups. A few ups and downs in the lives of the ladies. And cake, lots of yummy sounding cake. I thoroughly recommend!

Next up was ‘That’s What Friends Are For’. It is set around an indoor market. I sat in my local indoor market the other day having a cuppa, and I watched the stallholders with a new interest. I was wondering if anything similar was going on, or if anyone had sneaked off to the stockroom.


Nigel May

Firstly I read ‘Addicted’. I loved it! The main characters are just so outrageous!! It flows really well and I wanted to find out more about the characters. I loved all the elements, fashion, fun, travel etc.

Next up I read ‘Scandalous Lies’. I loved Addicted, but I loved this one even more!! Great characters, loved the story.

I’m so looking forward to reading ‘Trinity’ and ‘Deadly Obsession’, they’re ready and waiting on my Kindle!

Well done Nigel, you sure are a male Jackie Collins.


Angela Marsons

High praise for this author who I discovered via social media. Proper pager-turners these are!!

The D.I. Kim Stone Series.

‘Silent Scream’, ‘Evil Games’ and ‘Lost Girls’

There are some unexpected twist and turns, and they are all fantastic. They are books that you want to read at every opportunity, and I did. I’m eagerly awaiting the next one!


Caroline Mitchell

Another fab author I discovered through social media.

The D.C. Jennifer Knight Series

The first book is ‘Don’t Turn Around’. I was expecting a crime story. I’ve never read anything paranormal before. So… is a crime story, but with a difference. I liked the difference!!

The second book is ‘Time to Die’. Written in an unputdownable way, I raced through it at every opportunity. I have a fear of birds and the ravens freaked me out big time! And still are… It sure didn’t disappoint me, I absolutely loved it.


Avery Aster

Not my usual genre. I’m used to reading chick-lit and crime drama, so this was completely different for me.

The books of The Manhattanite Series are utterly outrageous, raunchy, sexy, ballsy. And they are an intelligent bunch too, which I like.

They can be read as stand-alone books, but they are a series.

I recommend them, but definitely not for you if you are at all prudish!!

Unscrupulous – Book 1

Undressed – Book 2

Unsaid – Book 3

Unconventional – Book 4


Kathryn Croft

‘The Girl With No Past’

A really great book.

Well written, going to and fro from past to present. You know something has happened all those years ago, but just not sure what it is. You don’t even know if the people involved are alive or not. Intriguing trying to work out what went on, and who to suspect.

This is the first book I’ve read by Kathryn Croft and I look forward to reading ‘The Girl You Lost’, which is ready and waiting on my Kindle.


Mandy Baggott

I read ‘One Wish in Manhattan’ in December.

It is set at Christmas in New York so it made me feel all Christmassy. The scenes are so well described I felt I was right there in NYC, feeling the snow on my face. An absolutely delightful, heart-warming book.

I look forward to reading many more by this author.


Laura Elliot

I read ‘The Betrayal’ after finding it on NetGalley. I’ve read many from the publishers Bookouture so I gave it a try.

I thought it was fab! I really enjoyed it. Great storyline, great characters. Very well put together.


Milly Johnson

I know ‘Here Come the Girls’ has been out since 2011, but I only discovered it in 2015.

A great, feel-good holiday book set on a cruise holiday.

I look forward to reading many more by this author.


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