Menopause and the LadyCare magnet (update)

ladycare magnet pic

I know this is where I review books, but I need somewhere to talk about this so here goes.

Here’s an update (original blog date was 18th January 2016)

Menopause is a natural thing but people don’t seem to talk about it in the way they talk about other phases in a lady’s life, like periods and pregnancy.

Please, if your mum, wife, sister, friend etc is suffering menopause symptoms tell them about this. If just one person buys this and it works for them after my recommendation I would be happy.

I had my menopause confirmed 18 months ago, at the age of 48, by a blood test. I didn’t get hot flushes straight away, but over the next 12 months they got steadily worse. I was getting them almost hourly in the day and not sleeping well due to being too hot. I wasn’t at that sheet-changing stage in the night, but very disturbed. I found the hot flushes very embarrassing, especially as I work mostly with men. It’s just something that isn’t talked about. I saw an article in a newspaper about a gadget called ‘LadyCare’. It’s a 2 part magnet that you attach to your underwear just below your navel. You put one part against your skin and the other part on the outside of your underwear. I read up about it on the internet and the reviews were really positive.

On the Monday before Christmas I called in at Boots at lunchtime and picked one up. I used it straight away when I got back to work. When I got home I realised I hadn’t had one hot flush all afternoon. I still had my reservations though, it couldn’t be that good…could it?

I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and not had one since. I’ve been hot like a normal person but definitely not a flush. I’ve even been cold! I am able to wear jumper after being in cardigans that I could take off and on for months.

It’s the best £28 I ever spent…honestly, I have my life back


13th April 2016 – Update

I’ve been using this for 4 months now and still no hot flushes/night sweats.

It’s even got rid of the brain fog that seemed to be creeping in on me.

There are a few funny things that happen though. Being a shortie, when I’m in the kitchen I keep getting ‘attracted’ to the washing machine and the oven door! And the drawer handles. And I can carry a piece of cutlery on it, it’s like having a spare hand 🙂


Here’s a link to the LadyCare page here

And a link to the Boots page here


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