Different reviewing styles

I love how there are so many different book reviewing styles.

work selfie
Work Selfie!

Having a job in the science industry, I have a very basic style.

I get the facts down, not much padding it out.

I am so envious of reviewers who write such beautiful, free-flowing elaborate blogs. They use lovely descriptions, and seem to know just the right adjectives to use.

I am still fairly new to all this blogging lark, maybe I’ll get more artistic as I get more experienced. I can’t promise myself this though as I’ve been ‘just getting the facts down’ in my industry for 30 years!

I suppose a good review is a good review to an author, no matter how small and basic it is.



3 thoughts on “Different reviewing styles

  1. I totally agree Steph. I’m sure authors appreciate good reviews in any format and readers love to discover new books and authors as a result of these good reviews. I’m quite envious of some blogs, I love your straight to the point reviews. You know what you like, why you like it (or not) and exactly how to express your thoughts. I’m new to this blogging lark too and feel like I’m still finding my feet. I think I’ll always feel like that though! It wouldn’t do for us all to be the same either. Variety is good 🙂 x


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