The Forgotten Woman by Angela Marsons

The Forgotten Woman cover


The Forgotten Woman: A gripping, emotional rollercoaster read you’ll devour in one sitting
Two ordinary women. Two damaged lives. One friendship that would save them both

Kit Mason has lived a life of unimaginable pain. An ex-prostitute, she has fled the clutches of an abusive pimp and now finds herself living hand to mouth in a new city, without anyone to help her.

Frances Thornton seems to be living the perfect life. A lawyer from a privileged background, her perfect façade hides the painful secrets that still haunt her.

Brought together by their attempts to conquer their addictions in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, the two women strike up an unlikely friendship.

But can they find strength in each other – or will the demons of their past catch up with them?

A compelling, moving and ultimately uplifting novel about overcoming the very worst life can throw at you and starting over. The perfect read for fans of Jodi Picoult and Amanda Prowse.

Previously published as My Name Is

My Review – 4 stars

From the author of crime novels the D.I. Kim Stone Series, Silent Scream, Evil Games, Lost Girls and Play Dead.

It was an emotional story, rather than the crime novels this fab author is known for.

This was the first book she wrote and was previously published as ‘My Name Is

Even though this is a different genre I was eager to get my hands on it.

To Friendship!!

I didn’t devour it in one sitting, as the header says.

I fit in bits of reading on my work break or at bedtime, so it took me a few days.

Anyway, I don’t like to rush a book. After all, the author puts in a lot of time writing it so I like to do the same when reading it.

Great writing, I love the two main characters.

Fran, a lawyer and Kit, an ex-prostitute.

They do have things in common though. A struggle with alcohol addiction and a complete lack of love in their lives.

They strike up an unlikely friendship. It proves backgrounds and jobs have no bearing on people’s ability to hit it off.

Fran’s parents are both lawyers. A house with no love. No cuddles, no conversations.It was like they couldn’t wait to get rid of her.

Kit’s Dad wasn’t around. Her Mum met a new bloke, Bill. When Kit’s Mum died Bill wasn’t a very likeable chap to say the least. His apology to Kit would never be accepted! She spiralled down and into prostitution, fled a violent pimp and ended up in Birmingham.

This is where Fran and Kit meet, at an AA meeting.

I found Kit’s character to be very hard and aggressive on the outside. But she was such a lovely girl underneath the armour.

Fran too, was a tough case-winning lawyer.

They both thought they were weak but were in fact incredibly strong.

When Fran bumped in to Martine I loved the connection. It was a big step having never allowed herself those feelings before.

The same with Kit, she was starting to let people in.

It’s easy to say, but sometimes difficult to do…..but you need to live your own life, for yourself and not for others. This story shows that in droves.

I love this story Angie, and next I’ll be reading Dear Mother

Thanks to the author, Bookouture and NetGalley for the review copy.

Order here The Forgotten Woman


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