The Woman in the Window by A J Finn @AJFinnBooks #bookreview #thewomaninthewindow

The Woman in the Window cover


What did she see?

It’s been ten long months since Anna Fox last left her home. Ten months during which she has haunted the rooms of her old New York house like a ghost, lost in her memories, too terrified to step outside.

Anna’s lifeline to the real world is her window, where she sits day after day, watching her neighbours. When the Russells move in, Anna is instantly drawn to them. A picture-perfect family of three, they are an echo of the life that was once hers.

But one evening, a frenzied scream rips across the silence, and Anna witnesses something no one was supposed to see. Now she must do everything she can to uncover the truth about what really happened. But even if she does, will anyone believe her? And can she even trust herself?

My thoughts

A totally addictive page turner..

An intriguing book, with an excellent twisty ending.

I just couldn’t put it down. So well written. I loved Anna’s house, and the street where she lived. I like the nosy neighbour aspect. My gosh, all that wine! And all those pills!

A debut thriller, and what a debut! I’ve heard it’s going to be made into a movie, shame I’ll know the ending!

Thoroughly recommend this book, a read filled with tension!!

Publication date 25th January 2018

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See How They Run by Tom Bale @t0mbale @bookouture #reblog #review #fab

See How They Run cover

I’m reblogging this post, originally from May 2016, due to the massive amounts of spam comments I’ve had on the original….which will be deleted.

This book just took over me. I had to read it now. I couldn’t put it down. I can still remember it vividly. And I absolutely loved it!!


How far would you go to save your family?

In the dead of night, new parents Alice and Harry French are plunged into their worst nightmare when they wake to find masked men in their bedroom. Men ruthless enough to threaten their baby daughter, Evie.

This is no burglary gone wrong.
The intruders know who they’re looking for – a man called Edward Renshaw.
And they are prepared to kill to get to him.

When the men leave empty handed, little do Alice and Harry realise that their nightmare is just beginning. Is it a case of mistaken identity? Who is Renshaw? And what is he hiding?

One thing is clear – they already know too much.

As Alice and Harry are separated in the run for their lives, there is no time for breathe in their fight to be reunited. And with their attackers closing in, there is only a choice:


Terrifying, unputdownable and full of twists and turns, this debut thriller will have you on the edge of your seat right to the very last page.

My Review – 5 stars

What an exciting story, it had me gripped.

Starting out with a break-in, and then taking you across the country racing this way and that with hardly time to draw breath.
From the start it had my nerves jangling, I felt the tension and suspicion along with Alice as she peered out of her upstairs window. Where her suspicions and curiosity took her was a place I just can’t, as a mother, imagine.
Mainly following the separate viewpoints of Alice and Harry, but also some other characters along the way.
Harry gets in with Ruth, and you’re never quite sure whether to trust her or not. I felt I was in the car for some of the car chases, blimey….swinging this way and that…phew.
And the way unfolded in the Wye Valley was wow, wow!
Some fantastic scenes, gruesome too. I could visualise them so well.

And I’ll never look at lasagne in the same way ever again.

Thanks to Kim Nash, the fantastic publishers Bookouture, and NetGalley for the copy.

Publication date 6th May 2016

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Silent Victim by Caroline Mitchell, 5* #bookreview @Caroline_writes @midaspr #SilentVictim

Silent Victim cover


Emma’s darkest secrets are buried in the past. But the truth can’t stay hidden for long.

Emma is a loving wife, a devoted mother…and an involuntary killer. For years she’s been hiding the dead body of the teacher who seduced her as a teen.

It’s a secret that might have stayed buried if only her life had been less perfect. A promotion for Emma’s husband, Alex, means they can finally move to a bigger home with their young son. But with a buyer lined up for their old house, Emma can’t leave without destroying every last trace of her final revenge…

Returning to the shallow grave in the garden, she finds it empty. The body is gone.

Panicked, Emma confesses to her husband. But this is only the beginning. Soon, Alex will discover things about her he’ll wish he’d learned sooner. And others he’ll long to forget.

My Review – 5 stars

An absolute winner from Caroline Mitchell.

This standalone book is so good.

The chapters are told from the perspective of Emma, both now and in the past, her husband Alex, and Luke who was her teacher.

Luke very cleverly made friends with his pupil who had quite a tough home life. It creeped me out to be honest, seeing how easily young girls could get seduced by the attention.

I like Emma’s wedding boutique and the interactions with her sister Theresa and shop assistant Josh. There were some funny exchanges with brides-to-be!

It was so chilling in parts that it gave me goosebumps as I read. Especially when Emma was home alone and hearing things. The setting in Mersea Island meant their home got cut off by the tide at certain times, and this added tension.

Very well written and perfectly paced. There were some light-hearted parts and some really suspenseful parts of the book, it kept me turning the pages.

Silence, secrets and lies…this book has it all.

Thanks to Caroline Mitchell, Thomas & Mercer, and NetGalley for the ARC copy in which I give an honest review.

Publication date 1st March 2018

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Silent Victim by Caroline Mitchell #blogtour #characterprofile @Caroline_writes @midaspr #SilentVictim

Silent Victim Blog tour Banner 2

This is an absolute winner from Caroline Mitchell, and I thank her and the publishers Thomas and Mercer for an early copy. I will be sharing my review on publication day.

Thank you to Caroline for writing this character piece introducing the main character Emma, I’m chuffed to be sharing it on my blog.

Character profile – Emma

I don’t know if it’s the same for other writers, but for me it’s not so much creating my characters as having them come to me. I’m aware of how pretentious that sounds and happy to dispel the fact that character creation is some mystical process. My characters come from the depths of my imagination, shaped by my experiences in the police. For me, they open up during the course of the book, as if I’m watching them on a television screen.

I don’t want to give away too much about Emma, for fear of spoiling the plot. She is a very troubled character with a dark past that slowly unravels over the course of the book. During that time, she is faced with several dilemmas. Should she turn her back on the past and say nothing, or confide in her husband and tell all? What’s more, will he believe her if she does?

I felt it was important to portray Emma’s childhood to demonstrate how it has shaped her character today. During my time in the police I became very aware how predators worked. Emma lives in an isolated location – Mersea Island. She does not fit in or mix well with fellow students at her school. She is a carer for her father and troubled by the amount of responsibility heaped upon her at such a young age. An introvert, she is less likely to open up to others about her problems but similarly, more predisposed to holding romantic notions about being swept off her feet one day.

But there are two sides of the story. As you read the book you may be left wondering who is the innocent party after all? What if Emma is innocent and you doubt her account? It happens to victims of crime every day. What if Luke is telling the truth? How awful to be regarded as a predator when he was just trying to help. Silent Victim begins with a body being buried in the ground. Can Emma really justify her actions after what she’s been through? I will leave that with you, the reader to decide.

About the book

Silent Victim coverEmma has it all. A beautiful son, a loving husband and a dream job. Life only seem to get better when her husband, Alex, is offered a promotion and plans to move his young family to a new home. But Emma has a terrifying secret. In her back garden lies the body of a school teacher who seduced her as a teenager and Emma is responsible for it being there. Knowing she cannot leave without disposing of the body, Emma returns to original place to rid herself of it once and for, only to discovers it gone. Panic and terror lead to a confession of the crime to her husband, who promises to stand by her no matter what. But Emma’s revelation shakes them to the core. As the idyllic life they once led becomes unhinged, soon both find themselves tangled in a web of deceit and as a chain reaction of events take place, their perfect existence begins to implode. Splitting the story between three voices, Caroline draws on her police officer experience to present the complex and blurred lines between victim and predator, innocence and guilt, and deceit and protection.

From former police detective and USA Today bestselling crime author comes an explosive new psychological thriller

Silent Victim by Caroline Mitchell

Published by Thomas and Mercer

Publication day 1st March 2018

Hardback, £18.99

Ebook, £3.99 Silent Victim   Silent Victim

Paperback, £8.99 (August)

About the author

Author pic crop 22.2.18A former police detective, Caroline Mitchell uses her in-depth knowledge of police procedures to create complex and suspenseful psychological thrillers. Caroline worked in CID and specialised in roles dealing with the vulnerable victims of domestic abuse and serious sexual offences. The mental strength shown by the victims of these crimes was a constant source of inspiration. A working mother of four, Caroline started writing due to the stress of dealing with such serious incidents and a way of processing the horrific crimes she witnessed. After self-publishing her first novel, Caroline became committed to pursuing writing as a profession and has never looked back, publishing 10 books in 3 years, and she now writes full time.

Black Heart by Anna-Lou Weatherley @annaloulondon @bookouture #BlackHeart #bookreview #blogtour

Black Heart - Blog Tour pic

Blog Tour 2nd February 2018

Today it’s my stop on the blog tour for Anna-Lou Weatherley’s new release, Black Heart. I’m delighted to be part of it.

My Thoughts

The first in a new series, and a male detective makes a nice change from all the ballsy female detective series out there.

Dan Riley is a likeable character and I’m looking forward to getting to know him. Dan lost his girlfriend and their unborn child in a car accident two years ago. It’s obvious that he is still not dealing with this tragedy. I really feel for him, and this makes for a great read. He has started to dabble in a bit of online dating as he feels like he should be moving on with his personal life.

This a wonderful, deep story taking in some very serious topics. Relationships, death, accidents, child abuse and all tackled perfectly by the author. I liked the pace of the story and the chapters told from the perspective of each of the main characters, I was able to pick it up whenever and not lose my way.

If you like crime fiction then I’m sure this will be one for you. It’s well-paced and kept my interest. The serial killer was a real psycho, but I still empathised!

Thanks to Bookouture and NetGalley for the review copy, in which I give my honest opinion.

Publication date 31st January 2018

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Amazon UK Black Heart

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About the bookBlack-Heart-Kindle cover

(Detective Dan Riley  Book 1)

‘There’s a letter on the floor covered with blood next to a heart-shaped box of chocolates. The note says: ‘My beautiful darling, I’m sorry, please forgive me.’

When the body of a wealthy banker is found with his wrists slashed in a London hotel room, it appears at first to be a tragic suicide. But Detective Dan Riley suspects there is more to this case than meets the eye and the pathology report confirms his worst fears – the victim was poisoned and suddenly Dan is dealing with a murder enquiry. Then he makes a disturbing discovery, uncovering links between the victim and a woman calling herself Goldilocks on an online dating site. Is she seeking revenge or something more?

Still grieving the devastating loss of his girlfriend and unborn child in a car accident two years ago, Dan throws everything he has into the investigation.

Yet just as Dan begins to piece together the clues of this complex case, the body of a woman is found in her bed with identical wounds. Dan is on the trail of a twisted individual who is much closer than he realises. Can he overcome his own demons and stop the killer before it’s too late?

The first victim was Daddy Bear. The second Mummy Bear.

Unless Dan can catch the killer, Baby Bear will be next.

An all-consuming and totally unputdownable read that will have you holding your breath to the very last page. Perfect for fans of Rachel Abbott, Robert Bryndza and Karin Slaughter.

Previously published as Last Cry.


Meet the Author Anna Lou author pic

Anna-Lou began her career as a dancer but a moped accident in Ibiza put paid to those aspirations and so she went back to her first and one true love – writing! She re-trained as a journalist, specialising mainly in women’s interest and celebrity, becoming the Editor of J-17 and Smash Hits as well as writing for a host of women’s magazines.

Anna-Lou has written three Adult Fiction titles – Vengeful Wives and Wicked Wives, both published by Avon in the UK and Bookouture in the US and Canada and Pleasure Island published by Bookouture.


The Betrayals by Fiona Neill #review #RichardandJudyBookClub @MichaelJBooks #Penguin #TheBetrayals

The Betrayals cover


When Rosie Rankin’s best friend has an affair with her husband, the consequences reverberate down through the lives of two families.

Relationships are torn apart. Friendships shattered. And childish innocence destroyed.

Her daughter Daisy’s fragile hold on reality begins to unravel when a letter arrives that opens up all the old wounds. Rosie’s teenage son Max blames himself for everything which happened that long hot summer. And her brittle ex-husband Nick has his own version of events.

As long-repressed memories bubble to the surface, the past has never seemed more present and the truth more murky.

Sometimes there are four sides to every story.

Who do you believe?

Told through the eyes of four members of the same family, The Betrayals takes an unflinching look at contemporary family life, explores the nature of memory and desire and asks whether some things can ever be forgiven.


My Thoughts – An enjoyable read

I always find books recommended by The Richard and Judy Book Club are worth a read. This is from the 2017 pick.

A dark and emotional novel about the fine line between friendship and betrayal . . .

None of them would forget that week on the wild Norfolk coast. Best friends Rosie and Lisa’s families had always been inseparable. But that summer, Lisa had an affair with Rosie’s husband Nick. And now, after years of silence, she sends Rosie a letter begging for help. A letter which exposes dark secrets.

Not fast-paced like I usually read, but steady. I felt like it was real life rather than fiction. It flicked between the present and eight years ago.

The story is told by four members of the same family, and it’s good to see people’s versions of events and how they differ and affect them in different ways. It deals with divorce, illness, friendship and family and the effects on two families that were once so close. It takes you to a lovely beach house in Norfolk where the descriptions were so real I was almost there with them. The OCD of one of the family made me realise that I knew nothing about the illness and the impact it has on everything in day to day living.

I would recommend this book.  Thank you to the publishers Penguin UK and NetGalley for the opportunity to review.

Publication day 10th August 2017

Get your copy here from Amazon UK The Betrayals by Fiona Neill

The Cover Up by Marnie Riches #bookreview @Marnie_Riches @AvonBooksUK

The Cover up cover


How far would you go to protect your empire?

Manchester’s criminal underworld is reeling from the loss of its leader, Paddy O’Brien. In the wake of her husband’s death, Sheila O’Brien takes charge of the city, and for once, she’s doing things her way. But she hasn’t reckoned with the fearsome Nigel Bancroft, a threat from Birmingham who is determined to conquer Manchester next. As a power tussle begins, Sheila is determined to keep control of the empire she has won – even if it means she has to die trying…

A heart-stopping read with a gritty edge, perfect for fans of Martina Cole and Kimberley Chambers.

My Review – 5 stars

A dark setting, but funny too. It’s a follow-on from Born Bad, and I think you’d need to read that first to fully understand who everyone is.

A story told from many points of view. From the North and South side gangs of Manchester, and their families and employees. From the glitzy to the downright grubby. This time we have a bit of Birmingham thrown into the mix, as Nigel Bancroft wants to take a slice of Manchester’s south-side.

Despite the violence I loved it, and the way they all interacted. There were some lovely parts, and some frankly disturbing parts!! The characters had a really good depth and I got to know everyone. I visualised the whole book really well. I felt I was there with them which wasn’t always a good thing. There were many places I recognised. And that ride on The Wild Mouse at Blackpool Pleasure Beach had my heart racing, as I know how fast it feels when you’re on it!

The writing is excellent, well-paced and kept me hooked.

Conky McFadden is still the best name ever 🙂

Thanks to the publishers Avon Books UK, and NetGalley for my copy in exchange for an honest review.

Publication date 11th January 2018

Get your copy here:- Amazon UK – The Cover Up